Introducing Our Custom Mixes and Branding Programs

Custom Mixes

Krispy Mixes specializes in custom blending recipes. After signing our one page confidentiality agreement, or providing us with yours, along with a copy of your recipe, Krispy will blend a test sample and provide pricing upon product approval. In addition, Krispy can match any competitor’s product. Just send a picture of the product ingredient list and a 2-3 pound sample. To start this process, please complete and submit this online form. Someone will contact you by the next business day. Our minimum order for custom breadings and coatings is 3,500 lbs.

Custom Branding Programs

Krispy Mixes has developed multiple custom branded deli programs for foodservice distributors and fast food restaurant chains. Please contact us for our turn-key convenience store and grocery store deli programs. We can customize a program that fits your unique needs, or recommend our branded programs currently being distributed throughout the foodservice industry. To start the process, please complete and submit this online form.


Custom Products