The Right Blend of Taste and Know-How

From breadings and coatings to gravies and more, Krispy Mixes develops and delivers deliciously high-quality dry products that perform in foodservice and resonate in retail.

At Krispy Mixes, we use our real-world experience and market trend expertise to craft quality products with outstanding regional and industry-favorite flavor profiles. Our broad-based approach blends the right mix of recipe and menu development, cooking technique instruction, employee training, marketing and branding support, custom pricing and just about any other consideration needed to help our restaurant partners succeed.

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Nationwide Reach with Local Flair

Over the last 30 years, Krispy Mixes has grown from a small warehouse operation to a multi-state distributor. Today we blend and co-pack breadings, coatings, spices, herbs, seasonings, gourmet gravies and sauces, pancakes, hush puppies, and biscuits perfect for Southern, Western and Cajun cuisines.

1989—Founded as a small warehouse operation in Pascagoula, Mississippi

2009—Merged with a national spice and seasoning company headquartered in Dallas, Texas

2011—Move into our new state-of-the-art facility in Theodore, Alabama

About Our Leaders

Before taking the helm at Krispy Mixes, Judy McMillin and Norman Tanner owned and operated Dallas’ premier foodservice spice blending and distribution company.

The Tanners’ 40-plus years of experience in restaurant and business operations, food manufacturing and spice blending, have resulted in an unmatched food production, preparation and operations know-how.